NexGen’s Sustainability Commitments

Sustainability considerations are embedded in all of NexGen’s business and operational decisions, and have been since the company’s inception. NexGen is committed to maximizing value to all stakeholders and creating as much positivity as possible to make a lasting positive impact environmentally, socially, and economically. This is achieved through responsible mine development that is underpinned by effort and dedication towards environmental protection, cultural respect, health and wellness, education, careers, and economic capacity building. NexGen received the 2019 Environmental & Social Responsibility Award given by the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, which is the leading voice of the mineral exploration and development community.


Environmental Stewardship

NexGen is dedicated to minimizing potential effects on the environment throughout all phases of the Project, incorporating proven best practices and designs around mine planning, tailings, and mine rock management, and reducing the operational footprint. NexGen delivers innovative solutions to complement proven technologies while recognizing and valuing the importance of protecting and preserving the environment throughout the Project lifespan and beyond.

NexGen’s approach to responsible development includes:

  • early and continuous Indigenous and public engagement on environmental protection;
  • exercising responsible stewardship of air, land, and water resources;
  • applying economically viable best available technology and techniques;
  • minimizing Project effects;
  • designing and operating for responsible closure and long-term land use;
  • minimizing the generation of waste;
  • responsibly managing tailings and waste facilities;
  • respecting the principles of pollution prevention;
  • responsibly managing energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; 
  • maximizing the application of the reduce, reuse, and recycle principles;
  • monitoring and adaptively managing the Project based on rigorous scientific practice and in consideration of Indigenous and Local Knowledge; and
  • working with local Indigenous Groups to implement independent environmental monitoring.

Social Stewardship

NexGen has always valued and respected the culture, interests, and aspirations of the communities where it operates, and will continue to do so. Since acquiring the southwest Athabasca Basin properties in 2013, NexGen has worked closely with the communities local to the Project to help develop impactful community programs that focus on youth, with an emphasis on culture and education, health and wellness, and building economic capacity.

Culture & Education​

Summer student program: This program was established in 2016 and aims to build skills and confidence in young adults through skilled employment at the existing exploration site. To date, over 60 students have been employed in the summer student program.

Scholarships for local students: Since 2017, NexGen has provided up to four scholarships per year to students from local communities to pursue post-secondary education. To date, seven students have received scholarships, and a number of these students have received scholarships for multiple academic years through continued eligibility.

Health & Wellness​

School breakfast program: Since 2017, through a partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada, healthy breakfasts have been provided to over 1,100 students each school day by a total of eight local cooks who are employed to prepare the breakfasts at the Ducharme Elementary School, Dene High School, and Clearwater River Dene School.

Youth sports program: Since 2017, NexGen has provided support to minor volleyball and hockey teams in local communities. This support helps keep local youth engaged in sports and provides them with opportunities to participate in sporting events throughout the province and across Canada.

Recreational program: Since 2018, NexGen has provided funding for recreational programming through the La Loche Sports, Recreation & Culture Board. This program provides structured after-school and summer-holiday recreational events and opportunities for youth and other community members. The programming consists of activities such as beadwork, holiday decorating, traditional music lessons, and free public skating.

NexGen worker

Economic Capacity Building​

Mentorships, on-the-job training, and summer student and post-secondary student work is prioritized for residents of Saskatchewan’s North.

If the Project is approved, total Canada-wide direct, indirect, and induced employment is estimated to be approximately 2,200 full-time equivalent positions annually over the four years of Construction.

Similarly, total Canada-wide direct, indirect, and induced employment is estimated to be approximately 1,200 full-time equivalent positions during a typical year in Operations.

The Project is expected to contribute over C$5 billion total payable to the provincial and federal governments over the 24-year mine life.

In addition to payments to the provincial and federal governments, Benefit Agreements signed with primary Indigenous Groups include payments based on revenue generated throughout the Project lifespan.


Integrated Management System

NexGen’s Way of Working

NexGen is responsible for and committed to providing for the health and safety of workers and the public, and the protection of the environment. To fulfill these commitments, NexGen is developing an Integrated Management System (IMS) for the Project that will provide a common, transparent, risk-informed process framework for both Project activities and achieving excellence in employee safety, radiation safety, and environmental protection by:

  • defining the organization and its context;
  • complying with all applicable requirements;
  • setting meaningful objectives and targets;
  • effectively managing resources, information, communication, work, and change;
  • identifying and resolving problems to prevent reoccurrence;
  • monitoring results and performing assessments;
  • seeking, sharing, and using experience; and
  • continually improving the management system.

The IMS applies to all on-site Project-related licensed activities during Construction, Operations, and Closure and to all Project workers (including contractors) and visitors.

NexGen’s IMS Policy documents NexGen’s commitment to the management system and articulates the principles and expectations for protecting the health, safety, and well being of workers; preserving the environment; engaging with Indigenous communities and members of the public; complying with legal and other requirements; and continually improving management system processes and performance.